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Teeth Whitening

Genes play a big role in the colour of your teeth. Aging or injury to the mouth can also cause teeth to become discoloured. Discolouration may also result from illness, medication (such as tetracycline), dental restorations, excessive fluoride during tooth development, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, other beverages and foods. Deposits of calculus can also discolour teeth. Depending on the cause, enamel stains may appear brown, black, pink, grey or in the form of white spots.

"Tooth Whitening" is a process that will make teeth appear whiter.This is most commonly used for whitening extrinsic stains and sometimes intrinsic as well. At GV Dental Centre, Tooth Whitening is an integral part of our Cosmetic Smile Make Over treatment plan. It can be done via a bleaching process or Laser Tooth Whitening.

Teeth whitening treatment is not permanent, though the results are effective and noticeable. It requires a lot of care and oral hygiene.


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